Audible Backstage - Reinhard Kuhnert im Exklusivinterview - youtube
  • Studies at the College for Drama and at the Institute for Literature, Leipzig
  • Work as an actor, assistant director and director at several theatres of the GDR and later in West Berlin and abroad
  • Until 1983 successful playwright in East Berlin for several years
  • In the mid-eighties emigration to West Berlin
  • Theatrical work as a director and actor, especially abroad (Luxembourg, Ireland, Australia)
  • Kuhnert writes for the theatre, for radio and television, but also prose, songs and lyrics.
  • So far, twelve of his plays have been performed at theatres in Germany and abroad
  • Solo shows with own songs and lyrics in the genre of literary satire at theatres throughout Germany.
  • From 1994 to 2007 also resident in Galway/Ireland
  • at times guest lecturer at the NUIG, as well
  • 2006 at the University and the Victorian College of Arts Melbourne
  • Actor/narrator in the field of audiobook, radio drama, dubbing and documentary
  • 1999 Brothers Grimm Award of Berlin
  • 1999 Brother-Grimm-Award of Berlin
  • 2017 Golden disk as narrator of the audio books of „Games of Thrones“
  • 2021 Novel „Abgang ist allerwärts“ chosen as the annual gift of the „Förderkreis der Hotlist“
  • Member of the Exil PEN Club
Audible Backstage - Reinhard Kuhnert im Exklusivinterview - youtube

A modern minstrel, he learned his art on various stages from artisans. Educated to principled opinions, memes & afflatus -- a staunch objector to obtuse slogans, who travelled the world. Saw places, saw faces, heard different tongues. A journeyman who is crafting rhymes, who groks the lines of modern pens, awarded by applause & prices, abroad as in Spire's proximity... From Dublin to Melbourne with Brecht, with own songs on his lute in Berlin and stories of spellbound fairies, enjoying & lighten the heart he parsed in mystical Donegal lived in rugged terrain. Sometimes vexed by stenciled pens in a word our man is Reinhard, a worldly bard of the wayward wind.


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